Tell me about the spa love, an energy whisper faintly wafted through. She felt excitement in the vibration of the request. The words carried a new exciting energy. It was as though Curiosity itself had just touched her arm, leaned in and whispered a sweet invitation into her ear. A photo that she’d taken on that trip to the spa four years ago had entered her awareness the night before and became the focus as she moved about her home doing morning rituals, attuning to the energies, and setting intentions for the day.

What is the relevance? she wondered. She felt the energy of a friend that had been present for a few days tug at her again. A friend who for months now seemed to be transitioning out of her life. Sipping an espresso, she pulled up the photo on her phone and peered into it for any transmission of information. At the top of the photo she noticed the date it was taken was the birthday of the friend whose energy she felt present. Metaphysics.

The photo was of an octopus she’d seen in a tree when in the jungle in Mexico. The medicine it offered then relevant now. She shared the photo on social media and noticed the word love attached to the location which brought a warm smile toward Curiosity. The next photo on her phone was an image of where two rivers meet the sea. She considered the estuary of her life and recalled a parting of energies that occurred those years ago just after she took that photo near the spa. She felt the parting of ways with her old friend and released herself into the sea of her own expansion.

The jungle and the spa had been in her awareness off and on for the last few days. When scanning an email quickly she had seen the pertinent information pop off the screen as if it were a bold 3-dimensional font hovering in front of the computer. An astrological cycle that takes us back to four years ago. Things we worked on then are coming to fruition now. This sparked visuals of the spa where she’d been during that time. What is the relevance? she wondered, then opened with Curiosity for life to reveal.

The alert for that email had the tone that indicates read this one. Even though she never changed her tone setting, it changed on its own as there was more life in the ones that resonated in that place of what’s currently relevant. They carried a different vibration that connected with what’s most alive within her. Hearing with more than her ears is how she knew who was texting or calling without even looking. Her own internal set of ring tones told her. This came in handy in a world where there is so much activity. The tones as she heard them made the distinction between the clear channels and filtered out all of the static.

She recalled contemplating this nuance in India long ago when she attended a friend’s satsang. As the friend spoke to hundreds of her students she watched as they lit up, yet each intonation landed in her as what she called dead words. The words became a mumble in the background as she became alive in wonder pondering how vibration of sound matches resonance, the life in words that transmits energy, curious of the subtle holographic nature of the energy of sound. Matrika Shakti

Sometimes she would wake in the night and hear a friend who lives overseas speaking to her. She’d listen then go back to sleep. The next day she would see that an email with the exact words had been delivered at the time she was hearing them spoken as clearly as if the friend were in her bedroom. Frequencies transmitted across the ether, hertz to heart. The frequency of thoughts also sound waves sending out signals and calling in their receiver.

She recalled how she had gotten to that spa in the first place. She sat on her sofa with two questions:

Where in the world do I want to be?

What are the next steps for my expansion?

Diving into the marrow of her core and then scanning the world she sent out the two questions and allowed the energy to do its magic. The warmth of the sun enveloped her as palm trees appeared first then the jungle surrounded. An infinity pool stretched out above the sea that splashed onto the base of a mountain. Where is this? she wondered then involuntarily grabbed her laptop and began typing as if some other force was in motion. An image popped up that matched exactly the vision that had surrounded her. As she clicked on the image the website appeared with the words a place imagined then found. In every photo she felt a resonance as if she herself had created the entire place. It had a similar vibration to her own vacation rental business.

The next afternoon she was there, in Mexico. She had just recently sent out a wish to overcome motion sickness that had been with her since she was a child. It felt like a limitation that made no sense in a world where we are much more fluid beings than we realize. She may not have before gone to a place that was only accessible by boat in order to avoid having to contend with motion sickness, and that kind of decision making was just not her style. As the boat moved with the waves, so did she. She relaxed into the motion and became one with it, imagining herself as a buoy at first then immersing herself, becoming the water. She realized the root of the motion sickness was in her resistance to the motion. Expansion.

She roamed around the jungle feeling her DNA in the rocks, as if she’d been present when the earth formed that place. She imagined genomes speak their own language and transmit energy to and from all of life interacting. She felt Creativity awakening Gaia, the Divine Feminine, within her as she melded with the world around her. She’d traveled the world for many years mingling with the earth, the elements, the culture, gathering and emitting information. As she journeyed through the jungle she had visions of the project she’d been creating: a place where others could meet in creativity and experience the world in this way. As she overlooked the two rivers meeting the sea she felt information transmit into her for how this vision would come to be. Receiving without thought or interpretation, her genomes mingled with the flow of the rivers and vastness of the sea. Creativity itself an energy she saw as a force of which we are stewards.

Nearly three years later she was asked to mentor a filmmaker who then became the first creator in the new venture: Vibe. As they walked in Nature that fated day the filmmaker asked questions about business practices. As she described her own creative process, the filmmaker very excitedly expressed that everything she was hearing sounded like a book she was reading. “So similar. You could have written it!” Though she hadn’t read it herself, she recalled having heard the title of that book in a business meeting in London just after her time at the spa and jungle in Mexico. Think and Grow Rich.

She loved noticing these connections that are called synchronicities. They appeared as a network of intersecting energy, the network that makes up the entire Universe. We catch what’s relevant when and where needed as we pay attention to the subtle worlds.

Finishing up her espresso, a text message popped in from the filmmaker who now had just completed her yearlong residency at Vibe, sharing an article that had just been published about the making of her installation Considerations of Infinity. In the article, the sentence: “My projectors are whispering to me ‘what’s next?’”



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